medicaid-redesignNew York State, unsurprisingly, has a complicated and demanding set of laws and regulations governing the provision of health services. This array of laws and regulations can seem overwhelming even to the people who work in the industry. Almost every aspect of the field is overseen by one regulatory body or another, and sometimes by several. Health care professionals may feel that they spend more time complying with rules that direct their work than actually doing the work itself.

The pervasive nature of health care regulation stems from the fundamental concerns that are at stake. Government oversight is necessary when factors as essential as life and health are involved. But that oversight should be limited to what is necessary, and should be structured in a way that encourages compliance and excellence, not punishment. Often, advocacy is required to keep Government’s reach to the necessary minimum.

For the last 35 years, Kevin has represented a broad range of health care providers before NYS Government, including pharmacies, AIDS service providers, behavioral health providers, independent living centers, hospitals, developmental disability service providers, home care agencies, consumer directed personal care providers, air ambulance providers, and medical device manufacturers and retailers. Kevin has a deep understanding of the legislative and regulatory environment of health care services, and can quickly understand your needs and help devise a successful strategy to meet your goals.

Image: NYS Department of Health