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Healthcare Financing

6127243966_e9189f1099_b-healthcareKevin has represented a wide variety of health care payers, including commercial health, Medicaid, pharmacy benefit managers, dental insurers, physician practice associations, and Special Needs Plans, for over 27 years. Kevin has deep expertise in commercial health insurance, Medicaid managed care, DSRIP, MRT, Affordable Care Act, ACOs and Medicaid fee for service, with a special expertise in pharmacy reimbursement.

Kevin was a principal negotiator of the landmark Managed Care Act in New York, which has served as the basis for considered regulation of managed care organizations in Washington, D.C. and most States.

Kevin also has expertise in the Certificate of Need (CON) processes at both the NYS Health Department and Office of Mental Health. Kevin can provide you advice in the development of your CON proposal to maximize your prospects for a successful outcome. Kevin will advocate for you throughout the CON process to ensure that you receive as timely a decision as is possible for your proposed project.